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Hertfordshire Opportunities

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Does your business struggle to recruit skilled people? Are there misconceptions and myths about the roles available within your industry?

Help us plug the Hertfordshire skills gap!

We are inviting employers to get involved in an exciting new programme - Hertfordshire Opportunities - that will help young people in Hertfordshire attain the skills required by Hertfordshire businesses and industries to secure jobs close to home.

Hertfordshire Opportunities will put employers at the heart of inspiring, informing and communicating with the next generation of employees in our county.

Led by a team of careers and skills experts, your business can get involved with activities such as mentoring, working experience, taking part in careers fairs, as well as supporting the design and delivery of careers curriculums.

Advantages for you include the casting of a wider recruitment net, openings to headhunt talent, CSR opportunities and benefiting from young people’s ideas and energy.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund and managed by the Department for Work and Pensions. Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal, the premier gateway for exploring careers, employment and skills, in the county, is at its core.

Why get involved?

The fund helps local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support skills development, employment and job creation, social inclusion and local community regenerations.

What to expect from the service?

The project will provide an independent, impartial advice service, targeting SMEs within the county boundary of Hertfordshire and support them to engage effectively with education, employment and training solutions.

The service will also provide opportunities to support upskilling existing staff through qualifications/career progression programmes.

Skills Advisers will work closely with employers to undertake a thorough workforce development assessment looking at existing staff requirements and future skills needs.

Engaging with education?

The project will support your organisation to effectively engage with schools and colleges.

Career Education activities that employers will get involved with could include:

  • Working with schools, colleges, youth professionals and other education and skills providers to support the design and delivery of the careers and employability curriculum.
  • Managing inspiring activities delivered by and with employers.
  • Developing and offering work experience opportunities.
  • Activities that show-case career pathways and progression opportunities, for example through careers events- and fairs delivered by the Careers Hubs.
  • Work with the Careers and Enterprise Company and where relevant consider supporting the Enterprise Advisers network.

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